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The one thing I love about photography is being able to capture emotion. I love being outdoors, driving off road trails or hiking to a remote lake in search of a magical scene. Whether it’s getting up early or hanging out way past midnight to capture the stars it’s all about the emotion that God created on the beautiful planet. I love the emotion of people, the love, the laughter…the sadness and joy. For me it’s what makes photography a passion.  Capturing emotion is what makes ignites me.  Capturing wedding is all about emotion.  It’s the laughter and joy, suspense, anticipation, smiles and tears…the passion of capturing the emotion.

I could go on and on, but let’s find out about each other. I want to find out about your passion, why you love each other, how you met, the proposal, what fuels you two to get out in the world, what you live for and what you love in life. Let’s become good friends.  Develop a good relationship so we can have a great wedding day. We’ll be hanging out all day.  Being friends will make the wedding day great!


I have four packages starting with a simple short wedding to an all-day event with wedding albums and canvas fine-art prints. Packages include high resolution professionally edited images. Engagement sessions are included with most packages and a great way for us to get to know each other better. They are relaxed and fun.  Let’s bring the dog along so he/she can join in on the fun!  Is your wedding out of town?  I love to travel.  Drop me a note below.  I want to hear more about the wedding you have planned.  Packages start at $1500 Check out my Wedding and Engagement Gallery.

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